About Us

IndustryGreetings.com is the Industry Standard for industry specific holiday greeting cards. We offer a low-cost and high-quality alternative with staff members that care about you, your company, your experience with us and your ability to market your business to your own customers, vendors and employees.

We’re like you. We’re cost conscious, concerned about details and always want to present ourselves as the professionals we are. We pride ourselves on producing professional, high quality greeting cards in the U.S.A. at a fraction of the cost. Given lower costs due to leaner operations, we are able to pass these savings on to you. Every one of our Premium Greeting Cards is $1.50 or less and can be purchased directly from the comfort of your home or office. Our quantity discounts start at just 50 cards with volume discounts adjusting your per card price down to $0.49 each for blank cards.

Our clever, classic and whimsical cards focus directly on your individual industry, so your holiday cards stand out from all the others received by your customer or client, even without extra customization. This creates a marketing opportunity for your business that is unmatched by any other direct marketing strategies. And rest assured, we’ll never show the low brow humor found in other greeting card lines because we know you are a professional and you want to ensure your customers and vendors recognize you as such.

Industry Greetings' line of profession specific greeting cards include industries from A-Z. From accounting and construction, to landscaping and pool service, to roofing and welding and everything in between. Browse our huge selection of occupation specific holiday cards and we are sure you will find the perfect card for your industry and occasion.

Please know that we are also the home of CardsCheaper.com. Our cards cheaper site now forwards to IndustryGreetings so all customers are experiencing the same site. And as you know, whether you order from CardsCheaper or IndustryGreetings, all our cards are branded with IndustryGreetings.com.