Having trouble on our site? 

We apologize for any inconvenience and want to help in any way we can. If you are experiencing difficulty navigating our site or just have a question, simply give us a call toll free at 800.431.9161 (international customers dial 1.909.799.9599) or email us at customerservice@industrygreetings.co

If you are receiving an error "transaction not completed" at checkout, make sure your credit card information is input correctly and ALL fields are completed. Double check your CVV code (AMEX is the 4 digit # on the front of the card) and check your credit card number to ensure it is entered with NO spaces or dashes.  

If you wish, simply give us a call and we’ll help you place your order over the phone 800/431-9161. We don't mind, our goal is to make it easy for you to place your order so we can get your cards out as soon as possible. You may also click on the "Printable Order Form" at the bottom of any page and mail or fax in your order. Our fax is also toll free! 800.431.9162.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

What size are your cards?

All our cards are a full 7" wide and 5" tall when folded. They are printed on a 12pt. C1S stock (a thicker card stock that is glossy on the outside and flat/writable on the inside). Our envelopes are a perfect fit 7.25" x 5.25". Please feel free to order a sample so you can see the quality yourself and feel confident in your purchase. For a sample please click the "Order Samples" link on the top navigation bar.

Why is my cart empty?

Sometimes security settings within your computer make it impossible for you to add items into your cart and therefore prohibits you from ordering from our site. We're happy to take your order by phone if you're uncertain how to change those settings.

Where's CardsCheaper?

CardsCheaper.com is now part of IndustryGreetings.com; same great cards and service. We've merely chosen to advertise ONLY as IndustryGreetings rather than confuse people with 2 different site names.

What will be printed on the back of my cards?

• In the bottom left corner is our “Made in USA” logo and recycle bug as we feel it is important to market responsibly.

In the bottom right corner the IndustryGreetings logo, the card number, copyright information and our phone number is included.

Why am I getting a shipping error?

We ship using UPS. When you enter your information, UPS checks the data against what they show is accurate in their system. If their site sees a problem it provides an error on our site. There may be multiple reasons for this. 1) You may be selecting a service (for example Next Day Air Saver) that isn't available to your location. 2) There is more than one city name or zip code appropriate for your location. If you ship with UPS often please use the address details they use for your location. 3) If you are shipping from outside the US, you may not select 'ground'. Please instead select 'standard' (available in Canada only) or either of the 'international' service options. If everything seems right and you continue to get an error please contact us. We’re happy to complete your order by phone.

I got an error page after checking out; what should I do?

If this happens please contact us immediately at 800.431.9161. Please do not hit the back button and resubmit. When you call we’ll determine if your original order went through.

Do I have to pay extra if I want to add my company name inside my cards?

No. In the Classic Tool, your company name (up to 2 lines, up to 40 characters and spaces, each line) is included with the "standard imprint" pricing. For further information see our "Imprinting" information page. In the Designer Tool you may select as many text blocks as you choose inside your card (top or bottom) all for one low price.

I want to use my own words for the imprint inside my cards. Is that possible?  If so, what will that cost?

Yes. We suggest you choose the Designer Tool for this order. This allows you to create as many text blocks as you wish inside your card (top and bottom) for one low price. You may select your font, its color and size. Will then review your card proof online prior to completing your order. You may also use a custom greeting (verse/imprint) rather than one of our standard greeting head/body combinations in the Classic Ordering Tool.  A flat $30 set-up fee is charged for the customization along with the imprint pricing based on the quantity of cards ordered. Using this Tool you will receive a proof for review and approval prior to your cards moving into production. 

Does it cost more to have my cards folded?

No. We understand some customers prefer their cards flat (scored for easy folding, but left open for easy signing) and others prefer them folded. We therefore offer our cards flat or folded for your convenience with no up-charge. If a selection isn’t chosen the cards will ship folded.

How can I tell how much my order is going to cost?

Once you are in the Classic or Designer Tool you can manipulate your card order – adding and removing various options – and watch your costs vary based on those selections (Price Summary along the right side of the page).  When your order is ready to be placed, add your card to cart. At the bottom of the Cart is a shipping estimator. Add the pertinent information, select one of the service options and click 'update total'.

How do I order a quantity other than what you show in your pricing breakdown?

The price breaks show where the per-card pricing reduces. You may, however, order any card quantity you require. At the bottom of the QUANTITY drop down is “other”. Select this option, then type in the actual number you wish to order in the text box that opens. Pricing will then be calculated on the quanitity you’ve selected. 

What are my payment options?

You are welcome to use your PayPal account for payment if you have one. We also accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express payments. You may pay with a company check (not available ordering on the website); however we must hold your order until the check clears our bank account. We apologize for the inconvenience; a few bad apples ruined it for everyone.

Who are HOUSE OF CARDS and ON-PRESS Printing?

ON-PRESS Printing Services, Inc is our corporate entity. Your credit card statement will show ON-PRESS Printing for the charge of your greeting card purchase. House of Cards is the publishing dba for our greeting cards. IndustryGreetings.com and CardsCheaper.com are the two websites from which you may order our exclusive greeting cards.

I can’t find a card for my industry; what should I do?

Sometimes we’ll have added something that might fit for your industry into a different category. Clicking on similar industries may help you find something suitable. In addition, we are always adding cards and industries to our line. Hearing from potential customers and what they’d like to see is a great way for us to expand our line. If you have a moment please email us at customerservice@industrygreetings.com and let us know what your industry is and maybe send us your website or a way to learn more about what you do.

How long will my order take to get to me?

Time frame changes throughout the year and holiday season.  A typical production time is 5-7 business days. Again, this varies and if you have specific needs a call for current production time is suggested. In addition, adding preprinted signatures in the Designer or any customization beyond standard greeting and 2 lines of personalization in the Classic Tool will extend your production time (an additional 2-5 business days depending on when your order is placed). Your location in the country (or outside the US) and your selected shipping service will determine how long it takes to get from us (in San Bernardino, CA) to you. Please click on the UPS logo on the right side of our home page for a map detailing number of days for ground shipping to get to your location. If you prefer to upgrade your shipping we also offer 3-day select, 2-day and next day air services. For our international customers expedited and express international services are available.

I’m not in the US. Can you ship your cards to me?

Yes. When your order is added into the cart a shipping service may be selected. International customers will need to change the country in the drop down as the default is USA. Canadian customers can choose “Standard” as the 'ground' option to Canada (broker fees will be added by UPS upon receipt).  Canadian and other non-US customers can also chose “International Express” or "International Expedited". If you receive a shipping error please email us so we can assist in processing your order. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION VIA E-MAIL. Our toll free phone number does not work outside the U.S. Our local number is 1-909-799-9599. Our fax number (if you choose to fax the printable order form) is 1-909-799-9550.

I’m getting an error after I put in my credit card information; what’s the problem?

Several things may cause this kind of error. If you’ve checked to ensure you didn’t mis-type any numbers review the following:

  1. Your CVV (security) code is required. For all but American Express, this number is a 3 digit number found on the back of the card, to the very right. Amex has a 4 digit number on the front of the card, to the very right. Please note when credit cards are renewed the CVV code changes, ensure you have the current code.
  2. Your name and address must match the name and address as they appear on your billing statement for that credit card. If your card bills to a PO address or your home address, please place that address in the billing address area. Then enter your shipping address when prompted.
  3. There may be a daily or weekly limit on the card you are using and that limit has been exceeded. Contacting the credit card provider can confirm this is or isn't the problem.
  4. Your card holder may be trying to be helpful. When you order online you are often ordering from a state other than the one you reside in. As a precausion some credit card providers limit funds in order to prevent fraudulent use. You may want to try another card or contact your card company prior to placing the order if you’ve had troubles in the past.

If you think everything is correct you are welcome to contact us by phone 800.431.9161. We can try to run your card internally. If it continues to be a problem we should have more specific information as to what the problem is.

Can I see a proof before I order?

If you choose to order using the Designer Tool you will create your card (face and inside) as well as your envelope. You will then move to a proofing page where you will review and approve those designs before adding that card order to your cart and ultimately placing your order.  If you choose to order using the Classic Tool you will receive a proof for card orders with logos or custom greetings. Because you are having our graphic team design your card a proof is not available until the order is placed. If you are ordering in the Classic Tool and only select a standard greeting (with personalization) and/or envelope imprint, there is a preview image on that page for you to see what your card and envelope will look like. No proof is needed or provided.  After completing your order you will receive your confirmation receipt by email. We ask that you review that receipt carefully to ensure you've written everything as you wanted it and that no errors exist. If you see an error please call us immediately at 800-431-9161 and we will make any necessary corrections. 

I uploaded my logo but don't see it on my card.

When ordering with the Classic Tool logo customization requires a proof to be forwarded to you for review.  This will be sent after your order is received and processed. You will not see what you uploaded during the order process. Logo proofs typically take 2-5 business days and timeframes may vary during the year. When ordering in the Designer your logo must be 'uploaded' after it is selected. Once uploaded you will see a thumbnail image in the left hand toolbar. Click on that image and it will appear on your card. You may then resize and move it as is convenient.  

Why don’t you have ‘order early’ special pricing?

Much of our pricing has remained the same for 10 years running. In addition, our regular pricing is better than most ‘order early’ specials offered by competitors. Because we discount our pricing up front (all pricing is low), we don’t penalize you for ordering when it’s convenient for you - even if that is in November or December. As a result it is not possible for us to reduce our pricing further for early orders. We do, however, price our cards based on volume and huge discounts are available as a result. In our designer, our pricing is also based on areas customized. If you only add text to the inside of your card, you only receive a text charge for the inside of the card. Volume pricing can be seen in the "Quantity" drop down at the price break points available and applies to the same card with the same options/greetings only.

What are Deluxe Peel & Seal envelopes?

Peel & Seal envelopes are self-sealing envelopes that have a peel off backer (like a sticker) and they seal themselves without you having to lick them or you having to use a sponge, etc. Our self-seal envelopes are called Peel & Seals. There is an additional charge of $.20 per envelope for this upgrade but you will save far more than that in labor time and mess/headaches having to seal your envelopes the ‘old fashion way’.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has already shipped we are not able to provide a refund however we are able to provide at least a partial refund in most all other cases. The amount of your refund will vary based on how long we’ve had your order in house (how much work has been completed), the circumstances surrounding your order and what customization is included. If your order includes customization (logo, custom greeting or pre-printed signatures) and work has been done on that customization(s) we are unable to refund the setup fee(s) charged for such service(s). As with any business, we must receive payment for work that has been completed.  If you are uncertain about any aspect of the order process, please call us prior to placing your order so you may place your order with confidence.

Can you mail my cards for me?

Yes. This is a special service not available on the website. Please call with details so we can provide pricing.

I want to include all my employees’ signatures on the inside of the card; can I do that?

Yes. In the Classic Tool signatures can be added under #2, "Customize Cards", during the online order process. In the Designer Tool signatures may be added using the signatures tab in the toolbar on the left. This is a great way to save time and money. Once we receive your order we will forward a signature sheet for your staff to sign. This will be returned to us (by emailing a digital copy or mailing the original). When your cards arrive there will be no time lost or labor wasted trying to get each staff member to sign each and every card before they get mailed. They will be all ready to insert into the envelopes and out to the post office quickly and easily. The charge is a flat $50 fee (regardless of order size). If you provide your signatures in color, we will print them in color. If you provide them grayscale we will print them in black. If you have any questions, give us a call or drop us an email.  

What kind of files can you take – for my logo?

We can accept most any format but ask that you send the highest resolution image you have (vector files are ideal). The image should be close to 300 dpi at the size you wish to have it imprinted on your cards. If you wish to upload your logo during your order process please upload a high resolution .jpg or .png. However you may email any of the following: .pdf / .jpg / .eps / .ai / .psd / .png / .tif  If you have something different  please call us at 800.431.9161 to see if we can use it.

You didn’t address my question here; now what?

We’re very sorry; if you need assistance and this section hasn’t answered your questions please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping with any needs you have.

E-Mail: customerservice@industrygreetings.com
Phone: 800.431.9161 or 1-909-799-9599 (8:30am-4:30pm Pacific Standard Time)
Fax: 800.431.9162 or 1-909-799-9550